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Midsize 5ft Truck Camper Interior (Bed Stiffeners)

Midsize 5ft Truck Camper Interior (Bed Stiffeners)

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A simplified vehicle interior that is truly modular, truly scalable.

The Viato Midsize (5ft Bed) Truck Camper Interior (Bed Stiffeners) is made by enthusiasts who wanted a lighter weight, less expensive option to what’s out there. 

The interior starts with the base plate. Made with slip-resistant hex pattern phenolic laminate and a Baltic Birch core you won’t have to worry about the durability of the plate. By using wood, we have saved on the weight an aluminum floor would require to match the deflection levels of Baltic Birch.

Bed plates for our Truck Camper Interiors are also made to be level with the bed rail tops. This improves the comfort for the users and makes installation of the modules simpler. 

The Bed Plate also features a cutout to allow bed stiffeners to fit. 

The wheel well modules are Cargo Modules. They attach to the Bed Plate and the truck bed side. The Cargo Modules have a large locking hatch opening at the top to allow you to stow the bulky items quickly. We’ve used it for camp chairs, folding tables, heaters, firewood and tools. 

At the back you have our most versatile option, the Rear Module. The Rear Module can be configured is many ways. You can have any of the following combos for the Rear Module (pick one each from Top and Bottom):


Aisle Drawer (Opens towards the center of the vehicle)

Tailgate Drawer (Opens towards the back of the vehicle)

Aisle Cubby

Tailgate Cubby 


Aisle Drawer

Aisle Cubby

Tailgate Cubby

Dimensions and Weights

Height: Depends on the bedside height. Ranges from 18 to 22”

Seat Depth (top of the module, from bedside towards the aisle): Depends on your vehicle. Average is 14.75”

Rear Modules (Not Stacked): L 20” x W 12” (If top drawer 10") x H 8,10, or 12” (Varies)

Cargo Modules: L 32” x W 14” (Varies) x H 18 to 22” (Varies)

Aisle Width: Approx. 25”

Bed Plate: Approx. L 58”x W 42” (narrowest point) x H½” (Can vary depending on slope)

System Weight: Approx 140-165lbs

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will be happy to help you.


  • .125" and .090" 5032-32 Aluminum
  • Poweder Coated Black Texture
  • Heavy Duty Slides
  • Southco Locking Latches (Keyed alike)

Vehicle Fitment

You’re wondering if this will fit your truck and camper combination. And our answer is, yes. Full stop.

The plate, the modules, are all near universal fit. “Near universal” means we make fitment kits for each truck and camper combination.

We are working on our library of fitment options, so please let us know what vehicle you have and camper.

Vehicles without t-slot options may require drilling into bed side. Please reach out if you have questions.

This interior will not work with slide in campers.


Once an order is placed we will contact you to confirm the details we need.

If your vehicle and camper combo is in our library we will start manufacturing as soon as we can, and we hope to have it out of our shop in 4-6 weeks.

If we don’t already have your truck and camper combination in our library, we will move your order to the front of the line and get that going ASAP.

We are based in Southern California, and we have access to the largest population of cars in the world. The off-road/overlanding community here is massive and if we don’t already have contact with camper manufacturers, we can get the measurements we need from someone who has the same camper. That said, our methods are simple and if we can’t find what we need, we will let you know and work through it.


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